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Chakra: Third Eye 6th, Crown 7th
Elements: Air/Wind

The Amethyst has a unique beauty and special energies that are capable of elevating spirituality. It is the crystal of Protection, Spirituality and Healing.  Linked directly with spirituality, Amethyst has the power to bring protection against negative energies, elevating the spiritual part and offering more vitality.

The energies present in this crystal drive away any shadow in a particular environment, purifying it and taking away all bad energies. Because it has a violet color, it is the best Crystal for the 6th chakra, the third eye point.

In addition to all these positive effects, through Amethyst it is possible to strengthen mediumship, awaken spiritual powers and heighten intuition as well as purify the physical body and aid in sleep.

Before starting to cleanse the Amethyst, it must be remembered that, because it is linked to spiritual energies, the crystal is sensitive to all kinds of waves of thoughts, emotions and emanations.  Therefore, the recommendation is that purification should be done more often.

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