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Elevate your energy!

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Sacred handmade jewelry & Amulets Our pieces are all nickel free and made with love with high quality plated silver and gold. All our crystals are natural and from the mines of Brazil. Healing experiences with crystals and sacred natural medicines.


Elevate Your Energy




I love RamaCrystals jewelry because it helps me to feel connected, with self and with the ethers. Each piece is designed with so Much love and intention and you can feel it! I can wear it to enhance my meditation practice and music creating or I can wear it out to dinner, very versatile! My favorite piece is the Rose Quartz Mala with the Quartz point. Its energy is so powerful and it sits around my heart when I’m needing that extra TLC. It’s like a big hug from the cosmos saying, “I Got U!” Thank you Rama for bringing the technology of the crystal queendom to our homes with quality and style.
Jazz LeiAmora
RAMA is a jewelry brand with beautiful pieces! In addition to the charm and design of the pieces, they are also made with a variety of Brazilian stones. It’s hard to choose just one!
Anelise Schweinberger
Rama crystals manifests so much powerful healing energy, and balance to my daily meditation practice, and life. It connects me to my divine truth, heart, and spirit so I can keep up and shine bright into the world! I am truly honored for Rama Crystals, and for all the love and light it brings to my life! Sat Nam!
Kasha Kukkola
I love Rama crystals jewelry, besides the exclusive design the crystals are of high quality and have brought me beautiful experiences.
Lua Martins






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Rama Crystals

RAMA is a lifestyle brand that embraces crystals, the esoteric world, and the world of yoga.

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