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Cacao Ceremony



If light is in your heart, you will find your way home.



Cacao is honoured as a gift from the gods and helps us shift down from the head into the heart. It is seen as a medicine that’s helps us heal and transform.


Mama Cacao holds the vibrations of unconditional love  and kindness allowing a loving connection with yourself and others. Cacao’s energy is healing, motherly and very gentle. Mama Cacao speaks to the heart. When we connect with the heart’s energy our voice may speak from a place of deeper intelligence carrying vibrations of peace.

This is a lovely practice to create a Sacred Heart Space for yourself. 


“ Whenever the balance between humans and nature becomes threatened, Ahau Kakaw ( Sacred Cacao ) comes from the rain forest to open people’s hearts and returns us all to harmony.” 


Cacao is more than chocolate, it is a spiritual dimension, an intelligence that we cannot perceive with the mind, but with the heart, the intuition and through feelings.

Cacao ceremonies are a beautiful way to connect a group and friends and set intentions from the heart, build deeper connections with one another, open a space of sharing or just being in togetherness. 


Celebrating and honoring cacao as a sacred drink in a space of togetherness at ceremonies or rituals is an ancient tradition, originating from the Mayas and Aztecs in Central and South America. Cacao was honoured and sacrificed at fire ceremonies, child birth, weddings and more since many years ago.


The benefits of cacao are various from being a soft, sustainable energizer through theobromine, a stimulater for happiness, pleasure and motivation though seratonin and dopamine production.


Cacao is very nutritious containing vitamins, antioxidants, lots of minerals and healthy fats.

Cacao empowers the human heart. Cacao invites us to come back to a natural state of feeling (rather than over-thinking). 

You may feel a deep connection to the world around you.

Cacao acts on the physical body, offering nutrients, minerals and feeling-good hormones. Blood circulation is accelerated up to 40%. 

Cacao speaks to the emotional body and the inner child. Her energy can be very gentle, very (grand)motherly, tender, and loving.


The pure cacao ceremony has been introduced not so long ago, as the spirit plants are coming back in these times to support the opening and the shift towards the heart space.


Cacao is a wonderful catalyst for healing work and supports us in making a connection with our heart and experiencing a deeper connection with ourselves and everything around us.


I had beautiful experiences with Mother Cacao in Brazil and received a call from my spirituality and my brazilian Shaman to facilitate ceremonies here in California and hold sacred spaces giving  other people the opportunity to receive this medicine from the rainforest in a sacred and safe way. 

I see life as a celebration and a ceremony of love & connections. 

 My mission is to unlock your 4th chakra, bring you healing and raise your energy in a beautiful experience where you will dance, smile and feel very expanded.


Connect with me if you feel the call to celebrate life by experiencing Cacao.


Sat Nam!


Com carinho, 



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